The Trial of Hazel Tears

Healing begins when admitting wrong and holding others accountable for wrong. My story begins on the pages of xvideos. There are many jump-off points to launch into the depths of such a seedy place. And it is full of dispair. The depths I am mentioning are full of child pornography and the suffering of many innocent lives. There have been, just like on pornhub, countless victims forced into suffering by their abusers and those they trusted. Many videos were leaked, and no one said anything, many videos were heinous enough to be considered scandals, and no one said anything. After foolishly following the links and attempting to create some good and bring those people to justice, I am speaking.

Recently, pornhub underwent a massive purge. They were forced by the powers that be. They too had countless videos of vile content. The viewers should be punished and it is easy to find them by following a poster’s IP address or creating a link which prevents past victims from continually being victimized by luring perpetrators and abusers alike. It’s as easy as playing on their vice and greed. The perpetrators of said content are mostly reported to be overseas, however, there are scandalous perpetrators right here in the US. Some of these people are those in power. Some of these people engage in trafficking. And in the absolute worst cases, some of these people engage in sexual activity with corpses. It is sick, vile, and unamerican to simply allow it to continue. Those vicious actors must be stopped.

Pornhub was forced to purge. Xvideos should be too.

For anyone who has been victimized, there is help. There is love. There is support and safety. Please reach out and call 1–800–273–8255 for the suicide prevention hotline

Or call 1–800–786–2929 for the national runaway hotline. There is help today, speak and others will listen, you are a voice and others out there care. Please seek those who have been in your shoes and want to lend a helping hand. We care.

God bless




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Robert Vickens

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